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Intro (What is machine learning?)

Let’s sort some food (How machine learning works)

How do you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? (An introduction to algorithms)

Yes, we have to do some math (Introduction to the perceptron algorithm)

How do you predict if it’s a fruit or a vegetable? (Introduction to the activation function)

But how do you make the *right* prediction? (Picking the right weights)

Wait, aren’t we building a model? (An introduction to models)

Great we have a model. But is it any good? (Training our model)


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(8 mins)

(7 mins)

(7 mins)

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(4 mins)

(6 mins)

(3 mins)

How does machine learning work?
with Saron Yitbarek

1 hr, 9 lessons


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About Saron Yitbarek

Saron Yitbarek created Disco to produce educational content through audio with a focus on technical topics. She's the founder of CodeNewbie (acquired by DEV) and a developer who's professionally produced engaging audio content on tech topics for over six years. Her audio has been downloaded over 8M times from audiences around the world. 

To listen to her other audio work, check out the CodeNewbie Podcast, the Basecs Podcast, and Command Line Heroes
 from Red Hat.



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Fundamentals of the latest tech topics

Topics like machine learning, cloud computing, and containers.

How concepts apply in the real world

You will learn:

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You get:

I don't have time for new content. Is this for me?

You'll get access to all of our courses. Each course is about 1-2 hours long and is broken down into lessons of under 10 mins each, accessible via our web app. Mobile app coming soon.

This is for people who are curious about different technical topics. Instead of deep diving into the code, we’ll dig into the concepts behind tech topics you’ve always been curious about and explore how things actually work. 

Our audio is designed for beginners and assume no prior knowledge.

Once you sign up, we'll email you a login to a web app. That app will have all the courses available, along with the transcripts and any supplemental material. It'll also track your progress so you can see how far you got and where to pick up from. Mobile app coming soon.

Our audio will cover topics including:

• networking
• cloud computing
• devops
• security
• neural networks
• browsers
• processors
• edge computing
• containers
• cryptocurrency
• web monetization

• cloud infrastructure
• hardware

We focus on the concepts behind the code, so there will be no coding involved. You'll get to learn screen-free.

Yes! Our audio is designed to be consumed on the go. They're beautifully produced and easy to digest. Listen and learn while you do your chores or go for a walk.

What people are saying:

"I highly recommend this course for anyone even slightly curious about Machine Learning. 

Saron has a gift of cutting through the fog and making even the most complex topics really easy to understand. The relatable examples really drive the concepts home and help you cement the knowledge. The tone, the pace, the music - everything about this course makes learning fun! 

It felt more like binging a great Netflix show than taking a course. Don't give it a second thought; this course is for YOU!"

Angie Jones

"The course is informative, structured, and serious but engaging enough to keep up when walking or doing chores.

Saron doesn't shy away from industry terms and going deep into the subject, while preserving the accessibility of content for 'outsiders' like myself."

Lia Kapanadze

“The most simplified intro to machine learning. I would highly recommend giving this a try, especially if the subject is intimidating to you. Saron does a great job of explaining everything.”

Mariam Mohamd

"The course breaks down complex topics into easy to digest audio bites and utilizes great storytelling that guides you along your journey to understanding fundamental concepts in ML."

Olaoluwa Daramola

"As a developer who is new to machine learning I think this audio course is an amazing way to learn the core concepts and fundamentals. 

Saron’s lessons are full of great content with real world examples that are fun to listen to. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to get started with Machine Learning!"

Aaron Bos


"A gentle introduction to machine learning" Intro 
(3 mins)

"Saron knocks down barriers to knowledge with her clear voice, thoughtful analogies, and her intolerance for gatekeeping.

She keeps us - and holds us! - in that ideal place of intellectual growth in order to maximize our understanding of a topic. She's a friend and teacher who never condescends. Rather than a dry lecture, Saron is your professor, study buddy, and friend, guiding you through the exciting world of machine learning."

Scott Hanselman

Ali Spittel

"Saron is an incredible teacher who transforms complex technical topics into beautifully accessible audio. She explains things in a concise, accessible, and straight forward manner, making learning much more fun. 

This machine learning course makes the topic reachable for nearly anyone, and the production value is A+. Highly recommend." 


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How do machines group data and draw conclusions?
Clusters and unsupervised learning

1 hr, 8 lessons

How does an autocomplete algorithm work?

1hr, 7 lessons

Natural language processing and neural networks

How does digital money work?

1 hr, 8 lessons

Cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, and the blockchain

How do we create ethical AI?

2 hrs, 16 lessons

coming soon

Ethics around artificial intelligence

Is the cloud really just a server?
Cloud computing and servers

1 hr, 8 lessons

coming soon

How does machine learning work?

1 hr, 9 lessons

Algorithms, weights, and activation functions

How do machines identify hate speech?

2 hrs, 15 lessons

Decision trees and classifiers

coming soon

How do containers work?

1 hr, 9 lessons

Docker and Kubernetes

coming soon

*Exact length and number of lessons might shift

Courses New courses every month.


Upcoming topics include:

• networking
• virtual reality

• browsers
• processors
• edge computing
• augmented reality

• mobile development
• web monetization

• cloud infrastructure
• robotics

• devops
• security

We produce beautifully designedeasy-to-digest audio courses.